Social Media Week – Storytelling Workshop

I was super excited when Matt Bishop of iGiveMore invited me to speak at his Social Media Week workshop this past Tuesday. The session was called “How to Tell Stories that Drive Action” and the discussion topic was obviously right up my alley.

I was tasked with telling the audience gathered (who worked in nonprofit and for profit organizations) about the process of making videos – in 10 minutes or less. It was a great way to hone our overall ideas. I had to simplify the larger, more complex workshops we normally do into a shorter amount of time. It’s almost like distilling a lengthy pitch into a simple powerpoint deck. What is the most essential information?

We started with the example of one of our all time favorite commercials and moved through a series of simplified steps one should think about during the video production process. Then we ended with the list of questions everyone should ask themselves when they are making a video:

  • Does this video help us reach our goals?
  • Is anything distracting?
  • Does it make sense? (Believe us, this might be intuitive, but it isn’t)
  • If I didn’t work here, would I want to watch this?
  • Does it make the viewer feel what I want them to feel?

My little chat was received well (lots of note taking was observed) and in the process we met some really incredible people who live and work in New York.

Excited for our next speaking opportunity. Like always, this one was a blast.

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