Partnering With the Sun in Tanzania: A Solar Sister Video Project

We’ve been on the road with Solar Sister in Tanzania for the past week and a half documenting the lives of some very special female solar entrepreneurs. We’re excited about the fruits of our travels, a series of videos about these incredible women and their efforts to make their communities brighter, stronger and more prosperous.

We’ll be releasing the resulting videos starting in the fall — six pieces in all. With a little help from the online community, we’re hoping their stories will help to educate people around the world about how renewable energy can bring impacts beyond light to communities in the developing world.

Follow us on Instagram and Twitter (both @showthegood) to see our travels in real time and stay tuned here for the eventual release of the series. We’re excited to share these beautiful stories with you!

More about Solar Sister

watch the video we created for Solar Sister in 2014 for the 10th annual Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting

Photographing Hillary for America in New York City

Sometimes you get a call for an event that you just can’t turn down. Earlier this month, Barbara Kinney called to ask me to help photograph the official Hillary Clinton presidential campaign launch rally on Roosevelt Island in New York City. I said yes, of course, where shall I meet you?

The day ended up being absolutely lovely and the event was full of excitement. I’m so glad to share with you my official photos from that day, now up on the Hillary for America Flickr page.

June 13, 2015 - Roosevelt Island, New York City
June 13, 2015 – Roosevelt Island, New York City

See a selection of the photos here.

The New Frontier of Education: NC3

The education system in the United States is at a critical juncture. With some parts of the college-educated workforce unfit for the jobs they are hoping to fill and some industries lacking the number of candidates they need, people across the country are studying how to fix the myriad of issues the system faces. Not the least of which is the crushing student loan debt that many graduates are forced to bear.

Amidst all of the tumult there are a few pioneering organizations who have already solved some of these issues. One of those organizations is the National Coalition of Certification Centers, or NC3. We were asked to join them back in January to help tell the story of their industry-certified, stackable certificate model for community colleges across the country.

The NC3 Train the Trainer 13 event was held at West-MEC in Phoenix Arizona in January 2015.
The NC3 Train the Trainer 13 event was held at West-MEC in Phoenix Arizona in January 2015.

NC3 has set up a model where companies in the aviation, transportation, energy and horticulture sectors can partner with community college faculty members to create certification courses specific to jobs in their industries. These courses cover science behind Torque, high precision wheel servicing, advanced automotive diagnostic tools, HVAC installation and repair and more. Once the courses are locked down, NC3 trains community college instructors from across the country to administer these courses to their students. The instructors are then able to certify their students free of charge in these “stackable” certificates. Students can be certified in multiple tasks and then take those certificates potential employers as proof that they are capable of doing the job that they are applying for.

The NC3 Train-the-Trainer event is at the heart of this model. The teachers become the students. They learn, they explore and they study, knowing they’ll return to their classrooms to help their students onto a path to better employment. Watch the video above to see the power behind NC3’s efficient and thoughtful model.

Learn more about NC3 here.