ENERGIA’s Mission Inspires Us to Animate

We’ve been working with the ENERGIA team since 2015 on various projects relating to their work with the UN’s Sustainable Energy for All initiative (SEforALL). In the fall of 2016, they came to us with a new request – how could they tell their story through video while being inclusive of the diverse geographies where their grantees work?

Animation of course!

We asked our talented illustrator, Cara Willenbrock, to come up with the designs for the piece, culled ENERGIA’s photo archive for the best images of their work and then set to work bringing it to life. Topping off this super fun video is a beautiful voice over from Rahab Wanja, who was kind enough to record and re-record until we got everything just right.

Voila, an inclusive video featuring inspiring images from around the world and educating the viewer on the complexities of the ENERGIA mission.

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