A Film About Society's Secrets

We know a secret: Staying mum on “taboo” topics like menstruation has a ripple effect that affects not only gender equality, but could be robbing the United States GDP of over $2 trillion. So, let’s talk about it.

Ladyparts is a film that will uncover these unmentionables in an effort to get us all talking about the issues that are really holding us back.

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Told in four chapters, Ladyparts will address:

• How our trend hopping pursuit to achieve beauty might be killing us.
• How the female physique is omitted from the design process.
• How we legislate on gender issues.
• How the trickle down effect of hiding your tampon up your sleeve could deny access to someone else in need.

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Through colorful animations, more than a splash of humor and the powerful storytelling of filmmaker Brit Liggett, Ladyparts will captivate audiences. Interviews with academics, lawmakers, movement leaders, comedians and everyday men and women will inspire conversations on previously unmentionable topics.

Ladyparts is currently in pre-production with a planned debut in the Spring of 2019, but we need the help of friends, investors, movers and shakers to make this important film a reality! Financial donations and networking connections are paramount to achieving this reality, so please consider how you can actively help to be a part bringing this conversation to life.

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