Partnering With the Sun in Tanzania: A Solar Sister Video Project

We’ve been on the road with Solar Sister in Tanzania for the past week and a half documenting the lives of some very special female solar entrepreneurs. We’re excited about the fruits of our travels, a series of videos about these incredible women and their efforts to make their communities brighter, stronger and more prosperous.

We’ll be releasing the resulting videos starting in the fall — six pieces in all. With a little help from the online community, we’re hoping their stories will help to educate people around the world about how renewable energy can bring impacts beyond light to communities in the developing world.

Follow us on Instagram and Twitter (both @showthegood) to see our travels in real time and stay tuned here for the eventual release of the series. We’re excited to share these beautiful stories with you!

More about Solar Sister

watch the video we created for Solar Sister in 2014 for the 10th annual Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting

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