The Diabetes Link Virtual Learning Series

We are virtually producing a series of videos for The Diabetes Link’s Resource Hub. The videos are split into six topic series digging into different areas of diabetes management. 
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The Story

We’ve worked with The Diabetes Link since Show the Good was founded. They serve young adults with diabetes who are transitioning to adulthood. As part of their recent rebrand, they created The Diabetes Link Resource Hub. Our task is to help populate the Hub with video content.

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The Process

The most important pieces of this project are to ensure all content developed is clinically sound and approachable for young people. So, we built a process that integrates clinician oversight and young adult’s first person perspectives at each step of production.

  • Topics are selected by The Diabetes Link and their clinician community based on young adult interest
  • Scripts are developed as a partnership between The Diabetes Link, Show the Good and select experts in each focus area
  • Interviews with clinicians and young adults are recorded remotely on a remote recording platform
  • Our team edits the interviews to the approved scripts and adds custom animation
  • The videos are posted to The Diabetes Link Resource Hub in their corresponding categories
  • In addition to the videos, The Diabetes Link posts related materials developed by The Diabetes Link, their partners and their young adult community
  • Throughout 2023, we will produce 7 video series for The Diabetes Link’s Resource Hub
As we help populate the Resource Hub with videos, The Diabetes Link team is actively working with young adults and providers across the country to disseminate the resources. Eventually, some of the videos will be included in a series of research studies on clinical outcomes related to educational content created by and for young adults with diabetes. 
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