Event Video Production for Infy CS Sparks Series

We feel like we want to throw a party every time one of our projects is released. With this one, we’ll have to throw twelve!

In 2023, we joined Infosys Foundation USA in Tempe, Arizona at their Crossroads event. Our job was to to produce creative content about and for the convening. The event brought together changemakers in the K-12 computer science and maker education space. Event video production is a fun realm for us. Our founder cut her teeth in this space. We love creating creative content about and for all kinds of convenings. 

Our first deliverable was a suite of event photographs and an event wrap-up video. Now the latest release, the CS Sparks series, is rolling out across Infy social media platforms. 

A novel idea - let the interviewees lead the conversation!

Prior to the start of the event, we collaborated with Infosys Foundation USA on a neat idea – what if we played matchmaker for a set of video interviews? Instead of having a host, what if two attendees, who worked in similar spaces but have never met just…had a chat? 

The results blew us away. Our team was on site to facilitate the interviews and record them beautifully. To our delight, we rarely had to ask more than an introductory question. The conversations were electric.

We knew these videos needed some extra sparkle. So our animator, Della, created a series of custom animations for the series.

Follow Infosys Foundation USA on social as they roll out the full series. You can also head over to their website to binge them all.

Being the video production company partner for the Infosys Foundation USA team on many of their events in the past few years has been a blast.  We’re sending huge congrats to the Infy team on this rollout! 

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