NYC Health + Hospitals Multilingual Membership Card Video Launches!

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A Public Health PSA for the NYC Care Card

The NYC Care Membership Card PSA series launched! Our team produced this 1+ minute custom animated video in 14 languages for the NYC Health + Hospitals’ NYC Care team. The PSA showcases the benefits and purpose of the NYC Care membership card. The NYC Care team wanted to dynamically answer key FAQ’s about the card while also promoting the program. 

As the NYC Health + Hospitals team said upon releasing the videos, “By de-mystifying the process of using the NYC Care card, the videos are intended to encourage both NYC Care-eligible New Yorkers and existing members alike to utilize the benefits, starting with primary care.”

Custom Animation & Multilingual Video Production Process

Our team based the style of the custom animations on existing brand assets from NYC Care. The journey starts with NYC Care Executive Director Jonathan Jiménez, MD, MPH and brings the viewer through a series of animated scenes illustrating the details of the card. We’re thrilled at how the custom animations came together. We are proud of our team for managing the process of producing this video in 14 languages. The translation process included our professional translation partners and reviews by our Local Language Team in New York City. 

Being the NYC Care team’s animation and video production partner on this project was a joy. Head to their website to watch the videos in 14 languages and to learn more about the amazing work they do.

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