Infosys Foundation USA Back to School Series

To welcome teachers back to the 2021-2022 school year,  Infosys Foundation USA asked  Show the Good to create a series of videos highlighting the new courses they were launching on the Pathfinders Online Institute. We partnered with them to create a “Back to School” series featuring four courses and an overview video.

The Story

Infosys Foundation USA works to expand access to computer science and maker education in K-12 schools across the United States. The Infy Pathfinders Online Institute is a free resource for educators and parents. It hosts high-quality computer science and maker education learning experiences – both professional development for teachers and fun educational content for kids and classrooms. The Infosys Foundation USA team wanted to highlight the new course offerings their partners were launching on the Pathfinders Online Institute as part of Back to School 2021. 

The Process

Show the Good set out to create a branded package of five videos: one overview video and four course videos.

  • We reviewed the course content and talked with the Infosys Foundation USA team about what they hoped the videos would accomplish. 
  • We created five scripts, one for each video. 
  • Show the Good was able to simultaneously begin video production including research, scripting, and interviews, all the while having our designers create unique and modern animation and graphics that still felt within the umbrella of the Infosys brand.
  • We interviewed one individual from each of the four organizations featured and gathered photo and video content showcasing what the courses would offer. 
  • The videos launched in September 2021 and coincided with a huge jump in traffic to the Pathfinders Online Institute. 

The Result

Infosys Foundation USA successfully launched these videos during the first week of school in the 2021 academic year. The videos were part of a campaign that helped drive record levels of traffic to the Pathfinders Online Institute. Show the Good went on to create a second phase of this series for their new course offerings in the winter of 2021 in honor of Computer Science Education Week.

Watch the main video here and click through to Infosys Foundation USA on Twitter below to watch the rest.