Gladeo’s Mission Video

ECMC Foundation commissioned us to create a mission video for their investee, Gladeo.

The Story

ECMC Foundation is a Los Angeles-based national education foundation. We’ve been working with them since 2015 on their video storytelling. ECMC Foundation invested in Gladeo, a Los Angeles-based social venture working to revolutionize career searches. After investing, ECMC Foundation commissioned us to create a video to showcase Gladeo’s mission and impact. We worked directly with the Gladeo team on the project, with ECMC Foundation’s guidance.

The Process

  • Show the Good met with both the ECMC Foundation and Gladeo teams to get a clear sense of where and why there was a need for video production. 
  • We took a deep dive into all of Gladeo’s branding, pitch decks, and other resources to get a clear sense of what should be included in the narrative. 
  • With unique experience in guiding social impact organizations to highlight their most important and standout features, Show the Good created an umbrella narrative and then a detailed script based on all we had learned about their work and impact.
  • For the design, we use Gladeo’s comic book inspired logo to make full-screen animations using that same comic book aesthetic. The animations served two purposes, to heighten the energy in the video and to draw together the many sources of b-roll used for the piece.

The Result

  • Gladeo used the video to help promote a new  partnership with the city of Los Angeles. 
  • We’re proud of how every part of this story came together to move their mission forward, from the interviews with their team and partners, to the comic book-inspired design. Each storytelling decision had a huge impact on the final piece.
  • Watch the video above, on Gladeo’s About Us Page or by clicking the photo to the left.