3M & NC3 Scholarship Video

We produced this video to help NC3 and their partner 3M celebrate the 50 student recipients of the Skilled Trades 3M Transformational Scholarship.

The Story

3M is a multinational company that manufactures a host of products – they often say that you’re usually no more than 3 feet away from a 3M product. NC3 partners with educators and companies to create certifications for Career and Technical Education Students and 3M is one of their industry partners. This year, for NC3’s National Career and Technical Education Letter of Intent Signing Day, 3M decided to give out 50, $1,000 scholarships to CTE students across the country entering the skilled trades. They had a distinct focus on underserved communities in CTE – especially students of color. They asked us to create this video celebrating the scholarship recipients. 

Read more about the scholarship here