Vote in Your Language PSAs and Graphics

Show the Good produced a multi-language PSA and graphics project for the New York City Civic Engagement Commission. The PSA highlights the Poll Site Language Assistance Program.
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The Story

The New York City Civic Engagement Commission (CEC) is tasked with strengthening democracy citywide. Part of their job is to make sure every eligible voter has access to the polls. Because New York City is a multi-language community, CEC launched the Poll Site Language Assistance Program. The program provides interpretation services in 12 languages at select poll sites across the City. In 2022, they asked Show the Good to create a series of multimedia assets in multiple languages for a city-wide education campaign about the Poll Site Language Assistance Program called “Vote in Your Language.”

The Process

  • The multi–month production process started with narrative work – our founder Brit Liggett collaborated with CEC on a script and vision for the PSA.
  • After storytelling was complete, producers Brean Cunningham, Brit Liggett and Mikaila Schmitt got to work putting all the logistics into place.
  • We wanted the PSA to be representative of the language communities served by the program. So, we cast over a dozen real New Yorkers in the PSA – including language advocacy leaders and fellow MWBE entrepreneurs.
  • At this point, our dream team location scouted and filmed with cinematographer Noah Yuan-Vogel and gaffer Brian Wennersten at five locations in three boroughs.
  • Our Director and Editor, Efe Kabba, wove the footage filmed into a visual narrative of how New Yorkers get themselves to the polls.
  • Then, the team at Gruer Studio brought the hand drawn animations to life.
  • Sound editor Nico Osborne and colorist Cédric von Niederhausern added the finishing touches to the PSA.
  • Meanwhile, our team got to work on the graphics. We collaborated with Suki Maltby-Duggan to design over 100 graphics in 13 languages to help with CEC’s education and outreach. 
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The Result

The Vote in Your Language PSA and accompanying graphics launched in November of 2022. Because a chance to vote is often in our future, we created these assets to be evergreen. They were relaunched in June 2023 and will be used in all upcoming elections across various city agencies and partners. 

The PSAs were aired on Taxi TV and public access channels across the five boroughs. The PSA voiceovers also aired on language-specific radio channels across the city.

The PSAs and graphics were shared by the CEC and their many partners’ social media channels. It was thrilling to watch the posts roll in from city partners like NYC Votes and the NYC TLC as well as smaller community-based partners like senior care centers and cultural organizations.

To watch the PSA in all 13 languages click here.

Cast & Crew

Commissioned by the New York City Civic Engagement Commission

Executive Producers: Stathi Patseas, Anila Cobo, Julie Kim and Leslie Brown

Written and Produced by Brit Liggett

Director and Editor: Efe Kabba

Cinematographer: Noah Yuan Vogel

Co-producer: Brean Cunningham

Assistant Producer: Mikaila Schmitt

Gaffer: Brian Wennersten

Illustration and Animation: Grüer Studio

Production Assistants: Angelique Dorcely and Nattalyee Randall


      • Marie Francois
      • McEvans Francois
      • Erum Hanif and her family
      • KY Chow
      • Rew Starr
      • Kamrul Kahn
      • Megan Rha, Esq. 
      • Jenny Kim
      • Gladys Jane Lim
      • Ana Rose Placide
      • Dennis Williams
      • Anelia Lomsky

Hair and Makeup: Elisa Abend, Haley Hardin, Jasmin Burnside, Andrew Colvin

Locations thanks to GM Printing, Erum Hanif, Children’s Aid NYC and St. George & St. Demetrios Diocese