Annual Report Video for ECMC Foundation

ECMC’s first President, Peter Taylor, who had helped envision the organization’s restructuring in 2013, was retiring. ECMC Foundation asked us to help capture his experience leading the Foundation through it’s early grant-making days to it’s new strategic vision for the future. The video was featured in their 2023 Annual Report.

The Story

We’ve been working with ECMC Foundation since 2015 to help tell the story of their strategic grantmaking and investment work. They focus on improving outcomes for career success in underserved populations and much of their work is in innovative, evidence-based grantmaking strategies. It was so inspiring to dig into the history of the organization and hear first-hand from Peter about the inspiration for it’s re-structure in 2014 and his experience watching their mission come to life.   

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The Process

As with many of our projects, this video started with a deep collaboration with ECMC Foundation’s in-house communications team.

  • We collaborated to build a narrative overview covering all the key points of the organization’s history
  • We built a set of questions to guide Peter in retelling his experience of leading the Foundation
  • We scheduled and filmed an in-person interview with Peter at ECMC Foundation’s Los Angeles offices
  • Our team gathered archival footage of the organization’s work
  • Then we edited Peter’s interview, added archival footage and created custom animations matching their 2022 Annual Report where the video would eventually live

The Result

ECMC Foundation posted the video as part of Peter’s reflections in the 2022 Annual Report.

It was an honor to be a part of creating this capstone for Peter Taylor’s time at the helm of ECMC Foundation. Our team has been deeply inspired by his leadership and we wish him all the best in his retirement. 

Read ECMC Foundation’s annual report