Show the Good Turns 10

I dreamt up the idea for Show the Good in early 2013 after years of work as a multimedia storyteller in the social good space – and as the daughter of a lifelong nonprofit executive. I was intimately aware that cause-based work is hard. It requires deep skill, empathy and so, so much time. I thought if Show the Good could tell stories for cause-based organizations, their teams could spend more time making the world a better place.

On November 27th, 2013, I was on set in Melbourne, Australia with the International Diabetes Federation filming with dozens of young people from countries around the globe who were living with diabetes – the IDF’s Young Leaders in Diabetes. The footage from that shoot became a mini-documentary about the program – Show the Good’s first official project.

The journey began with me, a camera, a computer, and a few wonderful clients. Since then, it has grown to an internal team of three and a network of over 40 regular collaborators. Our work has taken us from Lima, Peru to Babati, Tanzania, from Santa Fe, New Mexico, to Kenosha, Wisconsin, New York City to Los Angeles. We’ve been trusted with stories both personal and global by nearly 100 clients covering a diverse array of important focus areas – education, renewable energy, healthcare, youth programming, homelessness prevention and so many more.

The Show the Good team in 2023 outside No. 7 Restaurant in Brooklyn, NY
A few Show the Good team members get together in Brooklyn in the summer of 2023.

Along the way we’ve developed a system for storytelling where our clients and their communities are our narrative partners. We get to shape the stories they tell us. Through the process we help shine a spotlight in places where it might not normally shine. In the past 10 years, we’ve met thousands of inspiring people and learned so much from each of them.

The body of work we’ve created has been nominated for a Webby, won two Anthem Awards, played on the global stage and at small, intimate galas. It has been broadcast to millions on television, played on Taxi TV, on the radio and as a part of public marketing campaigns. It has helped raise money and support, spread awareness, and educated tens of thousands of people.

Thank you to Mikaila and Della, our internal team, for making this work so much better than it was before you joined. Thank you to our team of collaborators around the world for lending your invaluable talent and creativity to our projects.

Thank you to our clients for trusting us. Your stories keep us going.

Thank you to my community for cheering me on every step of the way. You are all so awesome.

Follow along here on our blog and on social media (links below) as we celebrate the past 10 years.

Brit Liggett
Founder and Lead Storyteller, Show the Good
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