Legal Aid Society: CEO Welcome Video

In 2022, we partnered with The Legal Aid Society to create a video showcasing their new Attorney-In-Chief and CEO, Twyla Carter.

The Story

The Legal Aid Society is a nonprofit organization in New York City committed to justice for every New Yorker. They protect and defend the rights of everyday New Yorkers who need legal support, regardless of who they are, where they come from, or how they identify. In May of 2022, they announced the appointment of Twyla Carter, a national leader in public defense, civil rights, and access to justice work, as Attorney-In-Chief and Chief Executive Officer. Our team was pulled in to create a video welcoming Twyla and showcasing her background and passion for this important work. 

The Process

  • With less than one month to complete this project, we had to fast-track our production timeline and hit the ground running.
  • In the first week, we dove into the narrative structure, developed animation templates, and started gathering archival content to interweave throughout the video.
  • After our pre-production call with Twyla, we dug deeper into the narrative, developing interview questions and finalizing logistics for our filming day, which was less than one week later.
  • We then filmed a full interview and b-roll in a short, 4-hour filming day, and got right to work on the edit.
  • We worked diligently to finish the final video in a 4-day editing window, interweaving everything together to create an authentic, inspiring piece highlighting Twyla’s background and enthusiasm for this new chapter at the Legal Aid Society. 

The Result

  • The Legal Aid Society team embedded the final video on their website, and shared it across their social media channels.
  • You can see the video under their News section here.
  • The video garnered thousands of views on social media.