In 2022, we collaborated with ENERGIA to create a multimedia outreach campaign telling the story of their recent  research report. The Report, “Gender-Inclusive Financing for Women Enterprises in Last Mile Renewable Energy Markets” was released in 2023. This project included a video filmed in five countries, photographs captured in three countries and static graphics illustrating the key findings of the report. 

The Story

ENERGIA wanted to make sure the human stories included in the report were highlighted in a dynamic way. Together, we collaborated on this suite of assets. We brought to light the many ways the finance sector disenfranchises women entrepreneurs in last mile communities in sub-Saharan Africa. Show the Good coordinated with local teams in three African countries. We recorded remotely with partners in Europe and the United States. Our global team then wove all the content together into one final video and a suite of graphics.

Visit ENERGIA’s website to see the video, photographs and graphics in action. They’ve also been integrated into ENERGIA’s in-person presentations at high-level sustainable energy events around the globe.